extremely compact electric heating of safe gases for industrial applications.

HEETS (Highly Efficient Electro-Thermal System)

Asking the industry what they would use it for.

HEETS was initially developed at the University of Southampton (UK) to enable the innovative satellite engine STAR, but with much broader applications. Thanks to its unique patented design, it allows a thermal efficiency of up to 95% and with an incredibly compact design. 

Electric heating of clean and safe gases is achieved at zero-carbon emission with outflow temperatures ranging from ambient to temperatures comparable to gas-burners. The hot gas outflow temperature is regulated with extreme precision at a degree level, electrically. With the use of a temperature sensor feedback, HEETS produces precise flow temperature profiles as needed.

We are currently investigating the industry needs for our technology with the project HEETS, funded by the ICURe programme (SETsquared).

HEETS local heat treatment device sketch